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What happens when a Redneck meets an infamous North Korean? Hilarity, that's what:

Dear Jihad… Gw8 Weader of TMZ.com and all things Elvis.

I think you and your people are reawy awight. (Got Damn, this Koreen’s hard to type… keyboards upsidedown and backerds) Y’all’s just missin’ a few scwews. Been givin’ ‘em away for too boucou time for 5 dolla. I think we shipped those bastards, and the scwews, to Taiwan, or Tibet, one of them Ti places Might have been Ti-Chee, or mabye Ti-Boh. We were just tryin’ to hep a brother out. It’s what we do here in ‘merica!
Yes, indeedy!

I have had ENOUGH precipitation already. Enough! (Well, apparently not enough.)

If you want to protest China and it's actions, protest China. But leave the damned Olympics ALONE.

The Olympics are not about politics. The games are a celebration of athleticism and a symbol of unity.

Leave the torch relay alone, and take your protest to where it rightly belongs -- to the people and government of China. Leave the IOC and the athletes out of it.

He just can't stand not being in the news. Neither can his attorney. Shit heels.

Finally! An ex-NBA player you can really look up to. The Chicago Public School System could really benefit from his company's expertise!

Nick Digilio took an hour out of his radio show on Sunday to discuss the topic of memorable mustaches in pop culture. Overlooked? One of my childhood favorites:

Gotta love that Oil Can Harry.

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