Leslie's Omnibus

Shits and Grins...

... because I need some after that last post:

For those that doubted, looks like Tea Party candidates are gaining steam. Yahoo!

I love this column about people singing on the els to tunes on their iPods. Me? I'd probably join right in and add a harmony line.

It was right about the time that the bobble-head Jesus showed up here that I tripped over the old gigglebox.

And if that didn't do it for you, this Regretsy ad (NSFW!) will. (Yes. I immediately thought of Catfish. I can't imagine why.)


LeeAnn said...

I've been caught singing in my car with the window down, or (even more embarrassing) dancing in the aisle at Home Depot to earbud music.
Britney, no less. I was butt-wiggling happy.

JT said...

Try saying Elefunk Junk Trunk five times fast. That is hilarious.