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Road Kill

Remember how freaked out I was when the Buckaroo resurfaced after three years of being out of my life?

Well, my planets must be severely out of whack, because my ex-husband finally found me on facebook... after twenty years... and sent me a message on Christmas day.

Look, both are nice guys. And both were NOT the nice guys for me.

I guess this is another karmic lesson in learning how to say "NO" firmly and politely.

Sadly, these guys think I'm a little bit Crystal Gayle:

Whereas, I'd argue I'm more Jo Dee Messina these days:

And I'm more and more that way every day. (Yay!)

In the meantime, would somebody notify the Gods that it's time to realign the planets? Really, I don't need the lesson any more.


LeeAnn said...

If any of my exes found me on Facebook, I'd not only drop off that little piece of the inters, I'd change my phone number, basic contact info, dye my hair, and move to an Unspecified Safe Location.
My exes are NOT nice guys. Fortunately, neither are they very bright.

Anonymous said...

That's precisely why I don't do Facebook - contact from my worst ex-boyfriends! Plus the same guy from FL must have paid someone for my cell number... I asked my sister if it's considered stalking if he texts me 2 times a year even though I told him to never contact me again. Oh well, live and learn!