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So President Chicken Little gives himself a solid B+ for his first year in office? Clearly he's paying no attention whatsoever to what the rest of us think, which puts him at at least a C-, and that's if you're grading on a generous curve.

In other political news, Houston has elected itself a fiscally conservative mayor:

Parker spoke to reporters Sunday afternoon about her new role as leader of the city. She says one of the first priorities will be tightening the belt on the city's budget.

She said, "In the first months of my administration, I am going to spend a lot of my time telling people no and doing things people aren't going to like."

Parker says she does not anticipate any layoffs but maintaining the same level of service while cutting spending will be difficult.

Yes, indeedy, it would be nice if for once the media would quit making a big deal about race or gender or sexual preference and focus on qualifications and character. That's when we'll know that we've achieved true equality.

And speaking of being fiscally conservative, maybe we should take a gander at the way Ireland is handling the current economic downturn:
High-paid public sector workers face 20 per cent pay cuts. Brian Cowen, the Taoiseach, is leading from the front taking a fall in salary from 285,583 euros (£259,000) to 228,466 euros (£207,000). The welfare budget is being cut by 4.1 per cent.
By embracing policies of low taxation, Ireland was transformed from being among the poorest countries in Western Europe to among the richest. Lowest corporate tax rates meant it was a competitive country for multinationals to invest in and to benefit from the well educated work force. Unemployment fell sharply.

Hmmm... I'm going to have to add the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering to my vacation wish list.

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