Leslie's Omnibus


Have you ever thought about adopting a greyhound? If so, the time is now as the need is dire:
Swanson and other greyhound advocates have spent the last few weeks transporting dogs as they become available to avoid a last-minute panic when some 600 Dairyland dogs become suddenly unemployed. Swanson is bracing for a deluge of these gentle creatures -- most of them young, some injured -- who need good homes.
Greyhounds are sweet, docile couch potatoes that make great apartment pets.

You know you want one.

Just do it.

I wish we'd push to legalize pot everywhere, not just in California. It would ease the numbers of people in jail by a huge margin, and take a huge weight off our court system. It would bring in needed tax revenues. I'm all for it.

Last chance for health reform ever? Jeeze, President Chicken Little! Only "The One" can do this? Nobody else could do it better? Really?


100 Reasons Why Climate Change is Natural

Go read 'em all.

As far as I can tell, the greenies have now invested so much time, money and propaganda that they cannot afford to back down and admit that their numbers are fudged and their research is fracked.


JihadGene said...

I like greyhounds! Taste like jerky.
Pyongyang, Norf Korea

kerrcarto said...

I with you on all counts. Legalize it and let people grow there own. No selling though. Personal use only. You know how out of control our gov't would get if they had MORE money.

LeeAnn said...

We've been talking about adopting a greyhound since we first got married, but never have lived anywhere (all rentals) where we could have one. Right now we're in a rented property where it might be possible later on... but I want to wait until we're more financially stable so we can give it better care, and to take care of Monkey's therapy bills, which would soon follow the adoption.