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Bus Fumes

... because I just live for producing a little more carbon dioxide into the air:
Electricity generation, transportation and industry represent the three largest sources of U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions.
Not to mention cow belches and sheep farts... and every living creature that breathes out after it breathes in.

The good folks at the EPA are just plain nuts.

Speaking of nuts, Speaker Pelosi shows her ass again by happily stating she wants a global tax stocks, bonds and other financial transactions, which probably means any time money changes hands anywhere in the world.

Great. Gives you a whole lot of incentive to invest in the economy, doesn't it?

About that global warming thing...

Here's the stupidest part of the Medicare cuts just voted on in Washington:
By a vote of 53 to 41, the Senate on Saturday rejected a Republican effort to block cutbacks in payments to home health agencies that provide nursing care and therapy to homebound Medicare beneficiaries.
By disallowing those dollars to be spent, they'll drive Medicare beneficiaries into nursing homes and hospitals in droves, driving up the cost of their medical care, instead of allowing them to remain in their own homes and reducing the cost as a result.

And these are the people that want to be in charge of our national health care???

I don't care how much you support Obama, you cannot possibly support his choice of this gargantuan asshole as his "Safe School Czar." Feast your beadies on this little audio clip taped at an education conference attended by 14 year old students and which was run by Kevin Jennings' organization:

I don't care what your political affiliation is -- this is an abomination... or you are if you think promoting fisting to 14 year olds is acceptable.

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LibertyChick said...

Hey Les - Pelosi and other progressives want to crush us - that way, we lift all other countries up. It sucks, can't wait until 2010!!!!