Leslie's Omnibus

Manufacturer's Guarantee

Janet Napolitano, manufacturer and purveyor of codswallop extraordinaire, says that the underpants bomber is a lone nutjob.

I don't know about you, but I'm not buying Napolitano's guarantee.


The Meezers or Billy said...

is it just wrong of me to snicker every time i hear "underpants bomber?"

BTW - thank you so very much for the christmas package!

Omnibabe said...

Personally, I giggled when I saw the term "Knickerbomber" today.

If you only got one package, you haven't got everything. Two more are on their way!

Smooches all around!

Joanie said...

knickerbomber is hysterical.

and I don't believe this guy is the only one out there. then again, I'm paranoid and generally suspicious

Anonymous said...

I hated Napolitano when I first arrived in this stupid state! She did and continues to harass our very tough (and sort of irritating) Sheriff enforce illegal immigration. I knew that our country was in trouble! Also, the republican now in office wants to raise taxes, so she doesn't seem very R to me!!

Miss you, happy new year!


LibertyChick said...

Oh, meant to say - I laughed myself silly this morning when they were showing photos of the terrorist burnt undies! Sucks to have their job!

Meanwhile, it just proved to me that we can only depend on ourselves - not the government and not TSA and not the watch list! The only reason 300 arrived alive due to the average person.


JihadGene said...

While Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona not one Navajo was found with PETN in their loincloths.
The system works!

Elisson said...

Knickerbomber! I love it.

Napolitano, OTOH, needs to be fired... if for no other reason that her ludicrous statement that "the system worked." No, Janet, it did not. Your people fucked up big time. Now, go fall on your sword and get a job where your incompetence will not put lives at risk. Wal-Mart greeter comes to mind.