Leslie's Omnibus


I rocked at my company's annual holiday party in this totally hawt dress, full war paint, sassy new haircut, long dangly earrings and a brand new boost-em-up to hike the girls back up where they belong.

Jaws dropped left and right when I made my entrance.

Made my whole holiday season, it did.

(And in the spirit of full disclosure, no, the divas at Igigi didn't give me this dress; in fact, I paid full price. *Grumble* If I'd waited two more days, I'd have gotten it for 30% off. However, given how great I felt in it, it was worth it at any price.)


Anonymous said...

.... good for you!..... that looks like quite a dress!....


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great pick for yourself! I've seen you rockin' it before!

And really SWEET gift from your boss!


kerrcarto said...

What no Wranglers, Cowgirl hat and boots? I bet you knocked 'em dead anyway.

Northwoods Woman said...