Leslie's Omnibus

Screeching Halt

I'm having a bad auntie moment here. I got my nieces' Christmas lists and apparently Dippin Dots and Candy Jewels are #1 with a bullet at the top of each. Aside from the ridiculously high prices for the "factories" themselves, the cost of the refills is astronomical.

I can't help but wonder if buying each of them something like this or like this would be a better investment for long-term use and teach them some creativity in the kitchen with ingredients at hand, flavor combinations and the like, to boot.

Nah. They might thank me years from now, but I can imagine the disappointment on this Christmas day.


I guess it's going to be Barbies and FurReal Pets this year. They'll get more real play time with those than with a Rube Goldberg contraption that spins gold into candy or ice cream dots.

I hate being a grumpy Scrooge of an auntie!


JT said...

I have a Cake Bakery in my closet as we speak. Drives me nuts as we have a well-stocked and furnished kitchen. I also have the Panda FurReal Pet in a box in the closet. It scared the crap out of my daughter when she was three and still seems to spark a Pavlovian reaction when she sees it.

Judy said...

Aunts' "jobs" are for gifting what a parent would never consider; and the memories still alive many years later are worth the wasted money. Give them what they want, if it's within reason.