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If I have to put up with really bizarre nightmares while I'm in the process of quitting smoking, you get to share them with me.

Speaking of nightmares, how'd you like to come home to this?
A pickup truck went off a railroad viaduct and crashed into a house this afternoon in the city's West Lawn community, authorities said.
Yeesh! That had to hurt.

Napolitano says the U.S. will "find and fix" the systems vulnerabilities? Yeah, right. Only if they start with her. Hard to believe an agency like Homeland Security can succeed if the word "terrorist" isn't even allowed in their vocabulary.

Update: Nice to see that Janet's focusing on the really important issues when it comes to national security. Oh, that she would get in her pickup truck and drive off into the sunset just like another (in)famous Janet did... and would that she be just as successful. Heh.

Update II: My friend Steve has so many things go wrong on his return from Mexico, I won't even begin to try and enumerate them. Go read his whole post. When are we going to get over our crazy political correctness and put the focus on people who just might hate us and want to blow up our planes, instead of frisking grandmas and shaking babies upside down?

Update III: Nice to see the TSA is also focusing on the important issues regarding air travel security.

Is anyone in the government focusing more on actual issues than on ass-covering these days?

I had lunch at this cool new French Market with two of my coworkers today. One had chicken curry from Chundy's Bistro, one had a really cool vegan/raw spaghetti and meatballs from Raw and I had a lunch box containing French cheeses, olives, seasoned blanched almonds and a baguette from Pastoral. It was all delicious. And then we brought goodies back from Provo's Village Bake Shop and Delightful Pastries.

The thing I like best about the Chicago French Market is that people strolling up and down the aisles all have big smiles on their faces, because there's so much to choose from and it all looks so darned wonderful. (Note: Produce Express had bunches of fresh thyme, basil and other herbs for $1 a bunch. At the grocery stores in my town, far smaller bunches go for three times that price!)

If you work anywhere near the Loop or travel through Ogilvy Transportation Center, you should stop by and give it a try.

Giggles of the Day:

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... and...

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Oddly, they kind of sound like poetry to me... or yoga positions.

Quote of the Day:

Interesting. A judge actually takes the first legal step towards admitting and punishing reverse discrimination. Hot diggity!

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