Leslie's Omnibus


I tripped across this frightening gadget on BlogHer, of all places.

After scraping myself up from the giggling heap I'd collapsed in, I continued my stroll through my RSS feeds, only to stumble upon this:

mel gibson
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After a few more fits of the giggles, I googled... and here are a few more choice little morsels to round out this right turn down Crazy Lane:

... and...

There! Just try and bleach those images out of your brain!


Mike said...

As human proof that man did indeed descend from ape, I actually own one of those frightening gadgets. (I mean the electric one, not the broadsword!) It is most excellent for hacking back on the the back-shrubbery. But you do want to keep those batteries refreshed. (Ow!)

The Meezers or Billy said...

i need eye bleach AND brain bleach.

Omnibabe said...

Mike -- It's going to take a long, long time to wipe that image from my fertile imagination. Thanks a lot, dude!

Mary -- I'm with you!

Desert Cat said...

Thankfully that is not a problem I have.

I *am* beginning to develop the bushy eyebrows that my grandfather had. One by one the individual hairs are going bonkers. Eventually I will be able to comb them up to cover my bald spot.