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What do I want for Christmas? I want for this to come true. And it's looking very likely, indeed, that I may get my wish:

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), the chairwoman of the House Rules Committee and co-chairwoman of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus, said that the Senate's bill is so flawed that it's unlikely to be resolved in conference with the bill to have passed the House.

Don't get me wrong -- I do want health care reform. What I don't want is the horrible mess that Reid and Pelosi have cobbled together and rammed through with zero transparency and in contradiction to the wishes of the majority of the voting public.

Rather, I'm in agreement with Rick Moran:

You don’t need comity between warring parties to get something done on health care. What is needed is the application of common sense and a little prudence. Indeed, prudence has been sacrificed on the altar of process - the abandonment of the principle of “good government” in order to achieve a purely political triumph for the majority.
I'm tired of politicians who are more interested in winning than they are in governing effectively.

And it's no wonder Pelosi and Reid flaunt tradition and rules -- the president himself apparently believes he's above the law:

With logic only a lawyer -- and perhaps only a government lawyer -- could love, the Obama administration is refusing to obey a federal judge's order that agrees with a position the administration supports.
There ya go. The president himself has set the tone.

Giggle of the Day - Part I:

a tank
see more Political Pictures

Why? It reminds me of a number of my gun-toting blogger buddies, who would no doubt be playing "rock, paper, scissors" over who got the next turn...

(And I don't want to leave this guy out of that fraternity. He might never forgive me.)

Giggle of the Day - Part II

This is the most spit-take laden thing I've seen on Regretsy yet, and that's really going some:

There was only one chapter that I thought was a little light. And believe it or not, that chapter was ‘Vulvacraft”.

Hard to believe isn’t it? This whole site has been up to its ass in bajingo, but the book is light on the vagoo. Go figure.

Go read the whole thing, and try and do it with a straight face.

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