Leslie's Omnibus


I saw this in a quick buzz through the latest on Artfire...

... and fell in lust. Go to Birdland Creations, and you'll fall in love, too.

Quote of the Day:
Oh, come on. Like you’ve never been distracted by someone who has their high-beams on and those beams are pointing off in schizophrenic directions. One’s looking up and to the left, the other one is looking directly over your shoulder or pointing straight down…boobs should not look as if they’re doing the classic John Travolta finger-point disco pose.

Giggle of the Day:

rosalind russell and marilyn monroe
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JihadGene says, "It's Friday! Let's Dance!" Dunno about you, but I'm ready to Stroll:



JihadGene said...

I be strollin' LOOONG time!!!
Thanks Leslie!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Barrie