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DaGoddess has committed to a little project called Operation: Love ReUnited, and needs our help:
With Memorial Day Weekend closing in on us, what better way to honor those who have come and gone by honoring those who have stepped into their combat boots and begun their march toward the American Way. San Diego has two large pre-deployment photo sessions coming up for our military and their families. Supplies are needed. Each Marine or Sailor deployed must receive an album 4×6 or larger (6×6 is the largest that fits into pockets on camo pants I hear), that can hold up to 30 photos. The books must be sturdy as they serve as a lifeline between the deployed and those left at home. Each photographer is then also responsible for sendng the completed book to wherever the person is deployed. The families pay not a single cent.
She's shouldering the bigger financial burden and the time intensive process of taking photos, getting them developed and assembling the albums.

Rummage through your pocket change and see if you can come up with a measly $15 bucks.

As Joanie says,
For those of you wondering why I’m getting involved with Operation: Love Reunited before my own personal finances are stable, go to Nick Popaditch’s website and you’ll understand. Each man and woman who deploys faces the unknown. I feel it’s my duty to give them an hour or two of family fun captured in photos to keep at their sides when they’re going into areas that are likely unsafe. I want them to feel the love and the power and the pride of the MANY who stand proudly behind them.
I can't think of a less expensive or better way to give a Marine or Sailor a little bit of home to carry with them. After all, they're putting their lives at risk, leaving their own families and going to faraway places to protect our families.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning Nick Popaditch on your website. Your support of Nick and all of our brave military members is greatly appreciated.

Nick's website is www.onceamarine.com

You can also check out more about his book at this link:

Signed copies are available.

Thank you again for your efforts on behalf of those going off to fight for freedom.

Tammy Hall
Sacramento, CA