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Holiday Excursion - Mother's Day

One year ago, the Princess Mom and I were off on our final voyage together. It seems like yesterday.

We finally buried her ashes this past Friday, halfway between her birthday and Mother's Day, making this a bittersweet week for me.

On the sweet side? A lovely, lovely Mother's Day gift from my own Most Precious Child. Her presence in my life is a gift I never thought I'd see, much less be worthy of.

Another gift? TMBCITW had her first ballet recital yesterday. To be able to share this with her, and my Sainted SIL was a joy:

The princess tradition continues.

Happy Mother's Day to my reader and blogger friends alike.


Northwoods Woman said...

ugh I commented but it didn't work!
Awww how precious! Hugs my friend and a very Happy Mothers Day to you!

JihadGene said...

The Princess tradition continues as it well should!!!