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Fun with Drew:

Still, Peterson was “a little bit taken aback” by the decision not to reduce his bond at all, defense attorney Joel Brodsky said.
Goody. I don't suppose this entered into that decision at all:

A few months before his third wife drowned in a bathtub, Drew Peterson offered someone $25,000 to kill her, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow contended today in court as he sought to keep Peterson jailed on murder charges in Kathleen Savio’s death.

And just three weeks before Savio’s 2004 death, Peterson — then a Bolingbrook cop — complained to another officer that his pending divorce would be so financially devastating that “my life would be easier if she were just dead,” Glasgow said.

The man has never been able to keep his lip zipped.

Apparently he can't keep his wallet closed, either:

Glasgow did provide other details -- confirming a Chicago Tribune report that the state has hired a financial expert to determine how much Peterson stood to lose in his divorce with Savio. Glasgow said $60,000 was missing -- in violation of the divorce judge's order -- from a "bank account" that held cash from the sale of the Petersons' Montgomery bar. That money was to be split between the parties, he said.
A jointly owned home and a jointly owned bar were also at stake in the divorce settlement. Estimates of the assets is upwards of $300,000.

While you're firing up the grill and cracking a cold brewski, remember that this is the reason for the holiday.

In other dandy news -- HAWKS WIN!!!

Happy dance time:


I will simply say this: the biggest perceived threat to Christianity doesn't come from The Gays, or from Hollywood, or from booze, or from the "Rock of Love Bus"; it comes from within Christianity itself. The problem manifests itself in the people who warm the pews and praise God on Sundays but betray Him with their mouths and actions on Monday. The problem continues from this when our kids see hypocritical behavior from authority within the church. They see it in the egregious transgressions of those who eagerly clamor to lead the flock. They see it from a university that claims Catholicism yet honors a president who has made it a point to favor abortion groups with regards to policy, groups that go against a tenant of the Catholic faith.

The erosion of the religious integrity comes when you have people who cherry pick which of God's laws they want to follow and try to validate it with moral relativism.
Can I get an "Amen"?
The WHO is poised to declare a full pandemic of the virus, which has infected more than 11,000 people in 42 countries and killed 86. And U.S. health officials released $1 billion for companies to get started on a vaccine in case it is needed.

The WHO has been preparing for and warning us about pandemics for years. They've prepared for one for so long, I swear they'll commit hari kari if they can't trot one out and soon.

If you look at those numbers, then you'll see that the H1N1 flu's death rate is tiny in comparisson with deaths from the common flu virus.

But you don't see the WHO shrieking about pandemics when it comes to the common flu now, do you?
"You have to have not only the intellect to be able to effectively apply the law
to cases before you," Obama said in an interview carried Saturday on C-SPAN
television. "But you have to be able to stand in somebody else's shoes and see
through their eyes and get a sense of how the law might work or not work in
practical day-to-day living."

In other words, he wants someone unafraid to legislate from the bench. Or ignore the law, because it just doesn't happen to work for him/her. Just fabulous.

In the note he circulated this month, Asness denounces the president for castigating Chrysler bondholders when they opposed his plan to pay them only 29 cents on the dollar. "He called them 'speculators' who were 'refusing to sacrifice like everyone else,' " Asness writes. "The president's diktat takes money from bondholders and gives it to a labor union [the UAW] that delivers money and votes for him. Why is he not calling on his party to 'sacrifice' some campaign contributions, and votes, for the greater good?"

"This is America," Asness concludes. "We have a free enterprise system that has worked spectacularly for us for two hundred plus years. When it fails, it fixes itself. Most importantly, it is not an owned lackey of the Oval Office to be scolded for disobedience by the president."
Just so.

(A tip of the cap to the Instapundit.)

The explanation for human behavior everywhere?
The problem is that we did not evolve a baloney-detection device in our brains
to discriminate between true and false patterns. So we make two types of errors:
a type I error, or false positive, is believing a pattern is real when it is
not; a type II error, or false negative, is not believing a pattern is real when
it is.
Apply as needed.

I love "I don't know why it words, but it does" science!

Ummmm.... not me. How 'bout you?
The half-brother of a 4-year-old Mokena girl has been charged with
first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing her to death.

This has got to be a parent's worst nightmare. Say a little prayer for this family.

Something the Princess Mom would have done. I do miss her. There was never a dull moment when she was around.

Uncle Jay explains why you don't pronounce the "b" in "debt".

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