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As many of my long-time readers know, I'm an avid reader, and I love to share books with others. In fact, once upon a time, I took on a little personal project to make sure that two classrooms full of kids got books of their own.

A former colleague of mine and his associates are doing something similar, but on a far grander scale, and for children who have never held books in their lives.

I don't know about you, but no matter how tight my budget, I can squeak out a few bucks for this. (Okay, more than a few bucks for me, but this one hits very close to the heart.)

They didn't reach their goal of $5,000 in five days, so they're keeping the fund raiser open until Friday.

Go here for updates as to their progress.

This is an opportunity to have a small amount of money go a very long way, and have a long-lasting impact.


I'm running this up to the top of the page through Saturday. If you can find your way to spend even a measly $5, please do. Why?
The Big Brother Mouse team is more than a book delivery group. These folks are trained teachers who thrive in a classroom setting. Since most of the children BBM visit have never seen a children’s book before, the book parties are designed to teach children how reading can be fun. Books don’t always come in the form of school textbooks, they can be funny, scary, or sad - an understanding we take for granted in the western developed world, but comes completely new to these children.
You'll be doing a very good thing.


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Try it you will like it.

Not Vgod

Omnibabe said...

Thanks for the tip! I've missed Ms. Sandy!