Leslie's Omnibus

Bus Fumes

What in the world has happened to our society?

Just in the month of May we've had the eyeball eating monster and more:
  • This waste of oxygen who threw his infant out of a moving car and onto a busy highway.
  • This pinhead who used his girlfriend first for a punching bag, and second for a speed bump.
  • This mental giant who snuffed his wife and kids and didn't do the world a favor and take himself out, too.
Now there's this gruesome little story about some Florida idiot(s) killing cats and mutilating their carcases, and we can only hope it's in that order.

When did life come to mean so little? When did those who are supposed to be the strong protectors of families and all things weaker than they are become the diametric opposite?

What are we teaching our children???

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