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Road Report - Slea Head

This was just about the only flat land I saw anywhere on our Slea Head tour...

... and it led out to this:

A closer view...

See those funny rectangular dark spots in the cliffs?

They're natural caves:

(Made me think of pirates... and my old pal El Capitan.)

This is the Gallarus Oratory, a tiny church that held all of about a dozen monks, and built around 700 A.D.

See that tiny window in back? The building is sited in such a way that at sunrise on the Winter Solstice, the light enters that window and lights the interior. It's the only time of the year it happens.
Built entirely of dry stone, the Oratory is water-tight... and has never had reconstruction work done on it.

A standing stone located just outside the Oratory.

The most northerly island before the bay turns into the ocean. Locally known as "The Sleeping Man."

One of many Norman castles destroyed by Cromwell. (Most of them weren't particularly pretty -- but they were functional.)

More tomorrow!

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Northwoods Woman said...

did you go in the caves?! I would have!