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Ooooooh, Look!

A free chicken lettuce wrap from P.F. Changs! Yummy.

If you absolutely refuse to take my frequent recommendations / admonitions and avoid mixing lenses and nudity at all costs, at least do the job right.

If you insist on pictures, they should be artistic. (Less embarrassing when they show up on Facebook, you know.)

It's out, it's out, it's out! (So sue me. I love the Temeraire series, and you can't stop me from being happy about it. If only George R.R. Martin loved me half as much as Naomi Novik obviously does....)

Speaking of Facebook... I've been added as a friend to 16 different Facebook pages in the last 24 hours. Now if I could only figure out which of the three different pages they've added me from, or what the blinkin' passwords are, I might actually be able to say "yes."

Yep. Big Facebook user here. *snerk*

Allstate has passed on TARP money. Why?
The Northbrook-based based company said at the end of the first quarter, it had $12.2 billion in GAAP equity and $23.1 billion in cash or highly liquid assets in its investment portfolio, sums that were achieved from taking steps in the last year that included suspending the share repurchase program and reducing operating costs. Since the end of the first quarter, the company also completed a $1 billion debt offering and reported an improvement in its securities portfolio of more than $1.5 billion as of May 13.
That's reason right there to throw your business their way.

Take a look at that puss and tell me which "celebrity" you think will get voted out first. And, given the transcripts of the tapes of her in action with her hubby, they'll have to keep a finger poised over the bleep button at all times. Heh.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Psst! She's back!

Zombie ants and zombie roaches??? Quite frankly, I don't know which is ickier.

Because Pammy painted the picture first:

You Are Red

You are lively and fiery. You embrace the world and live passionately.

You are moody but generally enthusiastic. You love so many things.

You are able to have a lot of drive and focus. Some people would call this obsession.

You are aggressive about getting what you want in life. You look out for yourself first.


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