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Quote of the Day:
A South Side alderman has introduced legislation to create "official placards" that Chicago's 50 aldermen could place on their vehicle dashboards, but she emphasized it wouldn't be to avoid parking tickets.

Now here's a creative way to use social media to find yourself a dream job!

Good going, skippy. You could have turned this into a wonderful media opportunity and a treat-of-a-lifetime for a bunch of kids, instead of turning yourself into the nation's Grinch.

Nice. Real nice.

My newest Blog Son really does know me well.

Yes, they're both legal adults now. Yes, she served her time. No -- they haven't learned one damned thing about being sensitive or appropriate.

It's been quite a while since Old Crankypants exited this dimension, but he manages to reach out of the ether and tap me on the shoulder from time to time -- this time, via Malaysia.

Give me the shivers, it does.

Charlotte is looking for a few good blogs to read. I gave her a couple of my favorites. How about you? Drop by and give her your suggestions.

Some time today JihadGene will say, "It's Friday! Let's Dance!" Thought I'd kick things off for him:


Have a great weekend!


charlotte g said...

Thanks for the mention...so fr, yours is it. Interesting blog. I'll be back. :)

Sam said...

Saw the Ramones a million years ago at the "Exit In" (100 seater, maybe) in Nashville. To this day, it was one of the wildest "concerts" I've been to, and I've been to a lot. Place went wild.

Anonymous said...

The kids where a HOUR late for there tour. If your a hour late for your doctors appt you dont get in to see him and this is the President of the United States, for gods sake. Be reasonable....

JihadGene said...

Sorry Leslie. I pooped out. Next Friday....It's ON!