Leslie's Omnibus

Bus Fumes

Words fail.

But, even more important,

System Fails!!!

(And it's a damned shame that they didn't leave daddy alone with that axe a little while longer.)

My heart breaks for those kids. No child should ever be able to say, "My daddy ate my eyes."

Update: Pammy takes this subject and runs with it. Go read. Now.

Send Ryan home?

No. We shouldn't.

To do so would be an insult to every resident of the State of Illinois.

(And if poor Lura Lynn is hurting for cash, perhaps those "I'm A Celebrity" people should invite her at the same time as Mrs. Ex-Governor Blagoviator. Clash of the sympathy-grabbing wives of disgraced ex-governors. I can see it now...)

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Barb said...

Now that would be a reality TV show I'd watch: "Disgraced Ex-Governors Wives: Who Can Grab the Most Sympathy?" And it'd be up to the viewers to vote. LOL!