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A cleanup crew working along the Des Plaines River discovered a decayed body near Channahon, but police late Wednesday couldn't determine if the remains might be those of Stacy Peterson or Lisa Stebic.
Not that I wish either woman dead, but I hope for their families' sakes that it turns out to be one or the other of them.

This part of the story leads me to believe that someone currently in jail right now is having a squirmy moment:

Meanwhile, Channahon resident Michelle Williams said she notified local police about a blue barrel she saw on the riverbank three days before the remains washed up.
Second City Cop asks, "Who Left This Here?"

Meanwhile, Drew's attorney shows the common sense and good taste both he and his client are noted for:

"I wish I had $10,000 for every time they pulled a body out of a river in the Chicago area," Brodsky said. "People will assume what they want to assume."
Thank you, Mr. Sensitive. I hope you and your creepy client are nervous -- VERY nervous.

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