Leslie's Omnibus

At the Wheel

There are many reasons why I chose "Omnibus Driver" as my blog "handle," one of which is I'm a bit of a control freak.

Tonight as a favor to Brother Dear, I sat for eight, count 'em eight kids between the ages of three and nine and belonging to five different families so he could take Sainted SIL and a group of their friends out to celebrate her big 4-0 in style... and sans kids.

This was taken just before moms and dads came to pick 'em up.

Am I good or am I good?

(A huge tip of the cap to the folks at YMCA Camp MacLean for the training and experience I received there. I couldn't have done this without it!)


Maeve said...

You are a far braver woman than I.
I'd probably end up using that duc tape to the wall method of baby sitting by the end of the evening.

Harper said...

God bless you, EIGHT!?! They all appear to be coherent and calm, so there was no Benadryl nightcap or prophylactic Ny-quil administered. You are good.

Omnibabe said...

No Benadryl -- just prophylactic application of popcorn and cartoons. Yeah, I cheat. So sue me!

The Meezers or Billy said...

no well times sugar fest at the beginning of the evening so that they would all be in a sugar coma at the end of the night?

Omnibabe said...

Hey! I'm a professional. No sugar crazies heaped on unsuspecting parents. (Besides... timing those is a real art, and it's been a while...)

Barb said...

I think I'd rather sit for 8 cats. lol