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Read this headline and spewed my morning cuppa all over the monitor:
Todd Stroger denies there's patronage in Cook County
This from the guy whose father's imminent death was kept from the voting public at primary time so he could take his father's spot on the final ballot.


Giggle of the Day:

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If you've ever tried to bathe one, you'll know this isn't a stretch.

Ooooh! Snickerdoodles! My favorite.

Quote of the Day:
I’ve been waiting for an awfully long time for the elegance and maturity, wit and style, and all the accouterments [sic] of adulthood to become important to me. I’m still waiting. I have a horrible suspicion that they’re not coming, that they’ve all seen me and are hiding in terror behind a light pole in the parking lot of Cheeseburgers In Paradise, lest I accost them and take them home.
This is why I love me some Mamacita!

Ear Worm of the Day:


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JihadGene said...

Loved the cat needs bathing picture!