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Ear Worm of the Day:

I never know what sets these off, but they rattle around in my head for at least eight hours when they start.

Quote of the Day:
It's not a hairdo, it's an entity.
And no, it's not referring to this guy, who's farookin' fabulous hair makes Blago's look wimpy.

If you've got a child heading off to college this fall and you're counting on Illinois' Bright Start program to pay the tuition, think again:
Once again, in print, I ask all of these executives, lawyers and elected officials how they can sleep at night knowing that the delay will directly affect the lives of many students -- either those who will not be able to start college this fall, or those who may not be able to return to class.

This is the worst case of bureaucratic denial that I have ever seen. First they LOST the bucks -- $85 million of them. And now they keep "passing the buck." But it does not appear they will pass the bucks to the families who trusted them with college accounts in time to pay tuition this fall. And that's the sad, Savage Truth.
Just freaking wonderful.

Giggle of the Day:

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I can always use a new minion.


Teresa said...

An entity... ROFLMAO! That is excellent.

As for Bright Star - Wow!!! It failed far faster than I predicted it would. I feel so sorry for the people who thought government would take care of their money for them. *sigh*

Jim - PRS said...

My great farookin' hair thanks you.

Desert Cat said...

It is the Tom and Jerry version that gets inside my head.