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Say What?

A new study, published today in Psychology and Health, reveals that if you use your willpower to do one task, it depletes you of the willpower to do an entirely different task.
Well, if you choose to sit on your butt and do nothing, I suppose that's a great excuse. Try explaining that to your employer.

And tell it to this guy, who's just trying to make a buck and isn't lacking in willpower.

Willpower is a muscle, and, just like any other muscle, gets flabby when you don't exercise it and gets powerful when you do.

Isn't that where tea parties started? And how they've grown and multiplied?


Barb said...

It's a little different when you have a mood disorder. I can only speak for myself, but in times of intense depression or anxiety I have trouble multi-tasking, to the extreme frustration of my manic side!

zonat said...

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