Leslie's Omnibus


Interstate Highway Signs Leave Drivers Guessing
My weekly horror-scope leaves me guessing as to what fresh hell I'm in for this week.

Once again The Lipstick Mystic (via the RedEye) has interesting plans for yours truly:
July 23-Aug 22

You know you're supposed to be good. But being bad is much more fun. You're in the mood to ditch your long-term, faithful partner in favor of that hot chick you met at that bar or that gorgeous dude you bumped into in your apartment building.
You know, if even ten percent of these darned things came true, I'd spend all my time bewitched, bothered, bowlegged or bewildered (and probably all four simultaneously).

P.S. -- If you want your own horror-scope for the week, drop me a note in the comments and I'll add for you!

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