Leslie's Omnibus

Slaps Self on Forehead!

Once again my favorite Neanderthal wrote a post about bloggers missing from his Ogroll, and once again I was an idiot and forgot that he lists me under "Get on the Bus" instead of "Leslie" or "Leslie's Omnibus" or "Omnibus Driver" and made a chopped liver idiot of myself.

So, yeah -- I showed my ass. So the least I could do is also show off my other... um... assets. It's the least I can do to atone for my forgetfulness.

Now... do you suppose he'll return the favor and show off his much-vaunted manly bits?


og said...

Alls you gotta do is ask.

And then claw your eyeballs out with a rake.

Trust me, nobody wants to see the boys. Not without peril resistant sunglasses.

but thanks for the hoots. Nice end to an otherwise horrid monday.

Graumagus said...

Just sit back and enjoy the cornbread aroma... bahaha

Velociman said...

Being on the Ogroll ain't all it's buttcracked up to be, just between us girls.