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So Obama thinks he's having trouble "breaking through" with his message on healthcare reform?

I think he's having problems with his message because he's saying the same things over and over, and not listening to what a large portion of the public is saying.

It's not that we don't want healthcare reform, it's that we don't trust throwing vast piles of money at an undefined problem that he's created a lot of false urgency around.

What do most of us want?

In simple, non-beligerant language:
  1. Fix Medicare and Medicaid first. Show us it can be done.
  2. Make health insurance portable.
  3. Allow businesses and individuals to shop for new health insurance across state lines.
  4. Allow for insurance pools for individuals seeking health insurance.
  5. Tort reform for medical malpractice cases.
  6. Stop the denial of insurance claims for manufactured "preexisting conditions."
  7. Streamline and standardize insurance claim paperwork.
Make these a priority, and take the time to get it right. Let's see how this works before creating more big government agencies and red tape.


Speaking of Obama, that he "may be" heading to Copehagen should be a surprise to no one... and I don't believe there's any "may be" about it -- he is.

Oh, dear. It seems Madam Speaker's warnings about political rhetoric leading to violence may be coming true... but I don't think this was what she had in mind:
"Not all of us liberals hate guns. BRING IT ON BITCHES. Shoot to kill racist conservative pigs."
Alrighty then.

It seems South African runner Caster Semanya is on suicide watch. Here's a long, well thought-out piece asking the question, "What if she were your child?"

The saddest part? South Africa's athletics chief was aware of and lied about gender tests, and lied to protect her "privacy," of which she now has none.

This is just sad any way you look at it. Please say a prayer or two for Caster and her family.

I can think of at least one blogger who'd kill to own the Lego house, if she could figure out a way to get it over here intact!

(P.S. -- Barb had a problem with jihad against her blog this weekend. Go read about it and learn what to do about it if it happens to you.)

Quote of the Day:
"If Jedi walk around our stores with their hoods on, they'll miss lots of special offers."

Kudos to Mark Fast for featuring normal sized models in his London Fashion Week show.

Ear Worm of the Day:

Again, I have no idea why.


Graumagus said...

Darn you Leslie! Darn you all to heck!

I can't hear that theme song without running through my brain for days. I didn't even play the video and it's stuck! heheh

Ear worm, indeed :)

Desert Cat said...

These are hazardous to me. They almost always get right in there and rattle around. I refuse to even play the Blondie clip, because like Graumagus, that one threatens to get in merely from reading the title.

Anonymous said...

It's because in Obama's head he knows what is right, and he can't imagine anyone not seeing it his way. So his only possible conclusion is that he mustn't be delivering his message correctly. Hmph. He's not open to any suggestions, since that would interfere with his marxist agenda.