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Three things I purchased recently, and one more that I received as part of my BlogHer swag, have really made me happy:
  1. Aquafresh iso-active whitening gel. Yippy, Skippy, this stuff works. Yes, you foam at the mouth like Cujo... but your mouth and teeth will feel really, really squeaky clean and fresh. (One caveat -- the stuff comes shooting out of the can like greased lightning. Go easy, as a little goes a long way.)

  2. ThinkBamboo bath towels. Hands down the softest, most absorbent towels I've ever used. I'll never go back to cotton!

  3. My leggiCOMODO Porta-Book. I was a little reluctant to fork over $20 bucks for a single molded piece of plastic, but I use this thing all the time. It folds flat, so it'll be going with me on my next jaunt to Ireland, and it's light as a feather, too. (Yay!) I carry it with me everywhere for use with my laptop, and it also does double-duty as a cookbook stand. I've had a ton of people stop me to ask where I got it, and are shocked to find you can get it at Walgreens right in between the Snuggies and the Slap Chops.

  4. The good folks at Suave gave me the entire "Sleek" collection -- shampoo, conditioner and anti-frizz cream. The shampoo and conditioner are good, but the anti-frizz cream totally rocks. Take it from someone who has battled the frizzies her entire life and owns or has tried just about every anti-frizz product ever manufactured -- this is my go-to styling product from here 'til eternity. I've paid more than three times as much for products that couldn't hold a candle to this one, but you can bet your sweet bippy that I won't make that mistake ever again.
Nope. Nobody prompted or paid me to do this. Every single one of these things is just that freaking good that I've gotta spread the word.

Ditch your car for a day?
Sept. 22 is also international car-free day, so you can emulate Bilbo and Frodo, get some exercise, and cut back on air pollution by joining in car-free activities around Chicago.
Ummm... I stopped driving mine a year ago, and finally got rid of it recently. I live about three blocks from the Metra train station, less than four blocks in any given direction from dining, salon/spa services, grocery store and more. I work two blocks from the Metra station in the city. I can get close, if not all the way, to my family in Naperville, my outlaws in Wheaton and MMPC in... that secret place where she works in outer Mongolia via public transportation.

I like walking. I hate driving, because Chicago area drivers are nuts. I can catch a cab or rent a car for a day or two if I need it; I choose not to, not because I'm one of those rabid greenies, but because it suits me personally.

But if you really do want to make a difference, don't just ditch the car for one day; make the commitment to ditch it entirely. It's doable in the Chicago area, anyway.

How did this industry, which serves a very vulnerable public, escape any real regulation for this long???
Crooks demanding cash payments from grieving families in their weakest, most confused moments. Whistle-blowers ignored or treated as "cranks" by public officials unwilling or unable to act. Untrained cemetery workers employed without even the most basic background checks.
Unbelievable. Go, Governor Quinn.


(Yes, I'm hoarse as can be today. Why do you ask?)

I'd ask how any educated person could fall for these Nigerian scams, but I have one idiot acquaintance who actually deposited a check he received in one of these letter scams (typos and gawd-awful grammar throughout the entire letter), and another gal who I commute with recently fell for a phishing scam through her email.


If you're reasonably conversant in the interwebs and computers and you fall for stuff like this, you deserve every bit of misery that you get.

Giggle of the Day, Part I:

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

Giggle of the Day, Part II:

One of the ways the Hippie Crunchy Chick Club was trying to draw attention to their display was by hanging signs all over campus, and walking around with sandwich boards. The following slogans were bandied about:

The prize-winner, as far as I was concerned, was the massive banner that read: “REDUCE YOUR CARBON VAGPRINT!”

crankylitprof is my go-to girl when I'm in need of a good giggle.

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