Leslie's Omnibus

Traveling Companions

Laurence Simon is asking the cats about their New Year's resolutions:

Tiger Boots: "I resolve to pose for strictly artistic cheesecake this year. And lots of it."

The Divine Miss Marilyn: "I resolve to stop running (as much) from the Evil Mummy Paparazzo... as long as she brings me the treats I so richly deserve."



Moogie said...

I love these pictures. They are PRICELESS..so adorable. I bet you Elisson would like these as well.

Omnibabe said...

Thanks! I just used the watercolor effect in Microsoft's photo editor!

Maeve said...

What darling kitties!
I miss having cats.

Anonymous said...

sweet kitties, I have 5 cats now, I keep getting my sons cats. I got all of them fixed, I only have one cat that is really mine, Cat