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Rubber-Necking -- Bad Santa Edition

Note: I'm moving this to the top until December 25th, and will update as new evidence of "Santarchy" arises.

This past Saturday evening, I stumbled onto the most amazing sight -- a cabal of Santas, clearly up to nefarious exploits!

What's this???


Lots and lots of Santas!

Suddenly, they were everywhere!

People were so amazed that traffic stopped dead in its tracks.

The photo is blurry, but this guy looked kind of familiar.


He said he was in Florida...

What did I learn from this?

1. It's impossible to get a clear shot of dozens of drunken Santas in the dark. They won't stop wobbling.

2. They left the reindeer at home and commandeered a schoolbus for the night, because...

3. Sometimes even Santa needs a designated driver.


Update: In a serendipitously timed email, the Sweetheart of Shell Knobb, MO sent me the Sober Santa Game.

She says, "Move Santa-by the arrows on your keyboard-towards the beer...you will scorewhen you hit the glass and Santa will become more tipsy! Keep him off the tracks -- he'll get electrocuted and the game will be over. Sometimes an item will also appear briefly. If you can get Santa to hit it, it'll sober him up some. It's a really funny, quick game. Have fun!"

Update 2: Apparently "Santarchy" abounds. At least the Chicago Santas above were filled with the right sort of Christmas spirit(s). God rest ye merry, gentlemen!

(A tip of the cap to Old Crankypants.)

He knows if we've been bad or good, but, for goodness' sake, who's keeping tabs on whether Santa's been naughty or nice?

Bad or good? Now you decide.

(A tip of the cap to Jen(nifer).)

Santa's a scoundrel? A saint? A sweetheart? A sack-wielder?

(A tip of the cap to PJ.)

Aw, jeeze! Now Frosty is getting into the act???

More info on Santa than I really needed to hear.

Evil Pope Santa? (He may be the world's most wonderful guy, but that photo is downright frightening.)

That naughty, naughty Santa is up to tricks again in Paris, London and Hong Kong.

Forget the sleigh ride -- apparently Santa phones it in this year.

Santablog is coming to town?

Oh, no! Santa's collapse causes need for crisis counselors?

He's even got his own computer virus!

Wanna be Santa's designated driver?

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Everyone knows he lives at the North Pole. See?

Now go visit the Carnival of Christmas. It only happens once a year, you know.


Anonymous said...

You're getting a lump of coal this year, Missy.

Lyn said...

Those pics were too funny. Merry Tipsy Christmas! lgp

Gigolo Kitty said...

GK says you can never trust SANTA! That man is nothing but a burglarizing troll is a red suit!

He sends his Christmas greetings to the Most Fetching Ladies!

Anonymous said...

So, how was your Christmas, Leslie??

Omnibabe said...

Christmas was wonderful! Any time I get to spoil the nieces and nephew, I'm a happy gal.