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This, my friends, is why I didn't study rocket science in college:

You're a poetic intellectual.

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(A tip of the cap to Denny.)

I hate remakes of classic movies.

Despise them.

Can't understand why anyone would want to make one.

Can't understand why a studio would fund one.

Can't understand why anyone would pay good money to see one.

And I really can't believe that, all that being said, I want to see this movie.

In the theater, not on DVD.

Hell is freezing over at this very moment.


Richthofen said...

I fell for the "Flight of the Phoexix" remake and was soundly disappointed. Promised myself no more remakes. Another of my old favorite movies was just remade. The original with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball was absolutely hillarious. Think we'll go see the "Your's, Mine and Our's" remake.

Hell is freezing, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Well? Did you like it or not?