Leslie's Omnibus

Traveling Companions

Getting a picture of Tiger Boots is easy. She comes running when you get out the camera. She poses. She positively flirts with the camera...

Even The Interloper is a cooperative subject...

But The Divine Miss Marilyn (here in full "Rub my tummy, Mummy" mode) has a real aversion to the camera. She moves just as the shutter clicks. She closes her eyes. She ducks.

(I think she gets that from me.)


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Gigolo Kitty said...

They are all most beautiful kitties:)

Omnibabe said...

They bask in the warmth of your reflected glory, dear Sir!

srp said...

Perhaps if they read that everyone thinks they are beautiful, they will become more self confident in fron of said camera. Just tell Miss Marilyn that you're ready for her closeup.