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Buckaroo Bonsai has gotten me hooked, first on Firefly, then on the movie Serenity. Now, thanks to a tip from Pejman, I can return the favor and get him hooked on Serenity as presented by Hand Puppet Theater. Hilarious!

Don't mess with Mamacita. Or that Peapatch Gal. Either one can haul out a can of whup-ass in a battle of wits and words.

Hmmm... I wouldn't have thought of this, especially #4 under "In Stores." Let's keep the Grinches out of Christmas this year.

I was reading this post about Pajamas Media when a naughty thought struck. "osm.org"??? Flip those acronyms and you get "org.osm". (Not hardly. Bore-gasm is more like it.)

(A tip of the cap to Ann Althouse.)

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Mira said...

Watching anything by Joss Whedon as puppet theater is a scary but hilarious thought, especially after seeing the "Angel" episode "Smile Time". I really want my own little Angel puppet now. :)