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Giggle of the Day:

For my pal.

Her? Yep.

Me? Yep.

Just sayin'...

I love Sharon Montrose's animal prints in her Etsy shop (and I bought two of them, too). Now I'm drooling over her bigger prints here. Access to really cool critters and cameras out the kazoo -- the chick has everything.

Quote of the Day, Part 1:


Oooooo! Maplewood Smoked Bacon - Horseradish Dip. I'm making it this weekend, and I'm not sharing, either.

Once again Obama's team prepares to do an end run around the Constitution. Tell me again why voting for that guy was a good idea? It's a pretty sad state of affairs when the leader of this nation regularly turns up his nose at the laws he swore on Lincoln's bible to protect and uphold.

Like the Blagoviator, this guy talks way too much. Then again, there's something to be said for a man who only opens his mouth long enough to switch feet...

Quote of the Day, Part 2:
Someone needs to learn to watch where they're putting that thing.

Give them free healthcare but require them to make an appointment to get it and what happens?
In the first five years of its controversial Urban Health Initiative, the University of Chicago Medical Center has successfully steered thousands of people with non-urgent ailments from its emergency room to other South Side hospitals and clinics that could serve as a "medical home."

But a bigger challenge has been getting people who schedule appointments through the U. of C. program to keep them.

Since the initiative was launched in 2005 with help from first lady Michelle Obama, then U. of C.'s vice president for community and external affairs, only about 35 percent of the almost 16,000 appointments made as of January had been kept, hospital executives said Thursday. [Emphasis mine.]
Lovely. Just lovely.

Jihad Gene says, "It's Friday! Let's Dance with the Air Force!"

Alrighty, then. Everybody Dance Now!

Yabu says "I Caught Her"

And you?


Pat Hickey is making all kinds of Friday Night Noise!

Peedee reminds you that we all need somebody to lean on.

Jerry's taking a politically incorrect trip down memory lane.

Eric congratulates Dax on his promotion... then tells him to "Get a Haircut".

One More Thing:

Go read this letter from Afghanistan, and be sure to have at least one hankie handy. You're gonna need it.


peedee said...

Yeah, with Obamination the hits just keep coming. ugh. I did see this posted on fb today. Kinda interesting read....

I also read that they make appt reminder phone calls to everyone of those people with in the Chicago system. They even have "pt. advocates" that will practically hold their hands to get them to the appt. Sounds real cost effective.

I totally stole the AF video and posted it on FB. Funny stuff.

The letter made my eyes leak by the end. So sad. I have so much respect for every single soldier involved in our ongoing fight for freedom. RIP Soldier.

Have a great weekend Leslie!!

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I guess you have to be nimble to fly jets.

JihadGene said...

Loved your Air Force dance LOOONG time!!!