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So I took myself off to the movies tonight and saw "Despicable Me." While it is by no means a "girlie" movie, it is a movie for fathers and daughters.

There's a hilariously funny dig at Lehman Brothers in there that only I got and laughed at... but I'll chalk that one up to moms and dads paying more attention to their kids than to the movie.

(The minions rock, BTW. I want at least half a dozen of my own.)

It's not a great movie, but it's a good movie. Three stars!

Not only am I a fan of Betty White, I am also a fan of Florence Henderson (a/k/a) Ms. "Wessonality"; Mrs. Carol Brady):

And that's just one reason why.

They're auctioning off TRIGGER??? That's just not right. (Poor Trigger!)


Anonymous said...

I love Betty White, and her new show on TVLand!

Joanie said...

I'm stealing the Flo video

Omnibus Driver said...

Isn't she grand? I actually got to meet her in the Ticker Tape Bar at the old Midland Hotel (now the W on Adams St.) the last time the Democratic National Convention was here in Chicago. She was incredibly gracious and patient from the busboys and dishwashers to the hotel guests. She's a real class act and I'll always admire her!