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Why in the world am I fighting turning the A/C on??? It's freaking HAWT, not to mention humid with a capital HOOOO.

Yesterday and the day before were gorgeous -- cool, sunny, breezy. Perfect sleeping weather. I want that back right now.

(Yes, I'm still sick and unreasonable. Why do you ask?)

A Chicago Bucket List? I can check 48 items. To personalize that lislt I'd take a few things off (e.g., Bike the Drive) and add a few things to balance (e.g., an architectural walking tour). I guess I'd better get moving!

Quote of the Day:
"A patriotic song is an emotion." -- Irving Berlin

Yes, indeed, it is.

The Princess Mom met Mrs. Schmich at the Pearly Gates and they are exchanging travel stories right about now, I'm thinking.
There comes a time in most lives when travel truly is impossible. But that time may not be as soon as you imagine. If you can, give your parents the gift of travel. It will be a gift to yourself.
Yes. I can't imagine not having taken all the wonderful trips I took with the Princess Mom when neither my brother or sister would go.

I still miss my own mom a lot... and my heart goes out to columnist Mary Schmich. It doesn't matter how old they are, how sick they are, how much their memory has slipped, how ready they are to go -- it's still a punch in the gut.

Popcorn Shrimp (because it's infectious):


More fun headlines today:
Soldier/politicians facing increased scrutiny
Congressional challenger blasts 'hair-splitting' over military record
Here's what I think the simple response should be: "Oh? And tell me about your military service, sir/ma'am. Which branch of the military? How many tours of duty? Yes, I thought so. *sniff*"

Best post title in a long, long time.

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