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Oooo! My beloved Vande Walles caramels have some hot competition! Today I tripped over L. Frances soft caramels... and fell in love all over again:
Made with the finest ingredients, including heavy cream and Wisconsin Grade AA butter (which is churned locally) and complemented by the rich flavor of C&H brown sugar. The soft and chewy caramel is slowly cooked in copper kettles which develops an amazing caramel flavor. These are an absolute delight!
I could never buy a whole bag at once, as I'd eat them in one single sitting. Yes, they're that luscious!

Quote of the Day:
"Yeah, I'm taking my gluteus maximus to the max."

SCC correctly points out that this nifty idea for leasing Chicago's bridge houses for advertising purposes during certain holidays will only cover about 1.5% of our shortfall. Whatever income they do bring in, however, will not be on the backs of individual tax payers, and I think that's good. I also think this will create significant additional revenue from tourism, as more holidays than just Christmas are involved:
Corporations each would pay up to $1 million to decorate the houses at each of the city's 14 most prominent bridges around Easter, Independence Day, Halloween and Christmas, said Philip Lynch, president and owner of Lincolnshire-based Fresh Picked Media.

The company would coordinate the effort and keep 25 percent of the profit, leaving $10.5 million for the city if the projections work out, Lynch said.
It's nice to see our aldercritters doing some thinking outside the box for a change.

More, please.

Blago's lawyer was about to begin wrastlin' with Judge Zagel during his closing arguments today, but this important bit of breaking news hit the Tribune this morning:
What police pulled out of the water was a waterlogged stuffed doll of Looney Tunes cartoon character Sylvester the Cat.

Presumably he still has eight lives left.

That's all folks.
News gathering at its finest.

Speaking of the Blagoviator, as predicted, he's using the "stupid" defense.

I'm tired of hearing how all of the people around him should have told him that what he was trying to do, and ordering them to do on his behalf, was illegal. He's an adult, and is responsible for his own behavior.

I really do hope he's found guilty.

Ear Worm of the Day:

This bizarre little Bulgarian ditty oddly made me think of Zonker. (Can't imagine where that came from...)

Gotta love Europopped!

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