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In a recent Chicago Tribune column "Answer Angel" Ellen Warren responded to a reader's question thusly:
I hear this lament all the time, and I totally agree. You'd think that for all those boomers, stores would have a huge selection of dressy dresses. They don't. The search is more frustrating for plus-size women. But I have an answer: separates.
Being a not-small-person myself, I wrote to her:
"In your recent column you mentioned that it is difficult for plus sized women to find beautiful dresses for special occasions in stores. That may be so, but etailers have taken over where retailers refuse to go. And good for them! Here's a smattering of etailers who offer lovely options for dressy occasions at all price points and for all plus size body types." (I listed a bunch of links for etailers like Igigi, Kiyonna and more.)
We emailed back and forth a couple of times, and I thought that was the end of it... but, no! Today I got this heads-up:
I'm going to use some of your suggestions in the column on july 29. I will identify you as “L.S.” if that’s ok!!! I looked at the sites and there’s some wonderful stuff there. You’ve done plus size gals a great service and now I will pass it on. Thanks, Leslie.
How cool is that? Stay tuned...

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Rave said...

Cool! That is fantastic...

oh...and send me the links, too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Me too please - as I am ever growing here in AZ!