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I'm a camera junkie -- I admit it.

On my last trip to Ireland, I carried my trusty Canon Powershot... and my friend Judy carried a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. I'd be blasting off shot after shot, and Judy would take her camera out of the bag, shoot one frame, and stick it back in the camera bag.

It. Drove. Me. Nuts. (I mean, if you're going to have a camera that great, the least you can do is use it, dammit.)

I've been slavering over digital SLRs ever since, but I've been held back by the fact that the darned things are so big, clunky and freaking heavy.

I carry my camera, laptop and Kindle with me everywhere, so portability is an issue with me -- and a big one.

Then I stumbled across Micro Four Thirds SLRs.

Oh. My. Gawd.

That created a whole new round of obsession, pouring over reviews and weighing pros and cons. Sony. Olympus. Samsung. Lumix.


But my grandson is coming, and the dithering around needed to stop, because I fully intend to take gorgeous photos of the little All Star right from the get-go.

This weekend I finally took a deep breath, bit the bullet and ordered the Lumix GF1 with the telephoto lens, and a pancake lens as well.

Now I can hardly wait. New toy. Oh, joy!


Rave said...

My mother has a similar Sony. Fantastic! I took it everywhere I went.
Now that I have moved, I must make do with my pitiful camera on my phone.

I envy you!

peedee said...

Did Steven ever get back to you?? He said he was going to. But if I know my brother, he got busy and didn't. =(

He's opening a new camera store so he's been crazy lately.

If you have questions about the one you got, let me know. I'll put them in front of him and make him answer!!

Or send him your ??'s. He'll get to them!

Oh, Congrats too!!

p.s. I'm catching up on blogs lol, sorry so late on comment!