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I've thought much but said little about all the coverage of accusations of racism in the news lately until now.

Here's the deal: If you lob the "racism" label at me, be prepared to give a specific example of what you think I did to earn it. Then I get to weigh whether or not what you say is true and/or valid.

If you are correct, I will apologize and take steps to correct my behavior, attitude and thinking.

If you are not correct, however...

... Pppppppppffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttt! That's the sound of the air wheezing right out of your meaningless little word, rendering it shriveled, puny, worthless and of no consequence whatsoever to me.

Giggle of the Day:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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(Inspired by me and my new toy.)

Inspired by Jay G, Calvin's Mom let's us in on her guilty pleasure.

In no particular order, here are some of mine:

Jihad Gene says, "It's Friday! Let's Dance Like Mexicans!"

I say, "Oh, Mexico!"

Billy Sweetfeets Gingersnap Norton is grooving to Pina Colada Boy.

Doug from Sligo, on the other hand, is in a Newport (Ymerodraeth) State of Mind.

How about you?


Joanie wants to know If You Know Love?

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