Leslie's Omnibus

Time Flies

Do you have a wonderful friend that you rarely talk to, never visit with, but you know that they are there for you no matter what? The kind of friend that loves you in spite of yourself? Leslie is that kind of wonderful friend!

I remember reading her blog for the first time, 5 years ago. I wondered what an Omnibus was and thought her blog was interesting, clever and a bunch of other words. She was always encouraging on my blog and others.

But I saw the true depths of her beauty when I met her at a blogmeet in Austin Texas. She offered to share her room with me! She took me under her wing and supported me when I needed it the most!

She taught me that people make mistakes, but true friends stand by them! She was probably my first ever real, true friend! I know that if I ever need support, I need only dial her number, shoot her an email or post something on my blog and she will be there for me!

I love ya gf! And I thank God for bringing you into my life when I needed you the most! You are the best!


Omnibus Driver said...

Smooches to you, my friend. Thanks a zillion million billion!

Nancy said...

You did very well, expressing thoughts I had too.. ain't the Ominibabe awesome?

Northwoods Woman said...

yepp she sure is!