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Yes, Officer?

When I was a kid we had Band-Aid brand bandages that were size tiny and useless -- about 1/4 inch wide and about an inch long. We also had those little round dots (3/4" diameter) that dads used to stick over their shaving nicks. (Kind of like these, which apparently are good for "insect bites, zits, etc.")

Seems Mayor Shortshanks has decided to apply one of those dinky band-aid dots to the giant sucking chest wound that is the police officer shortage in Chicago.

He's hiring a whopping 100 more officers... when we're understaffed by more than 2,000.

We've got a problem here, in that a good chunk of the population here no longer fears the CPD. We've had not one, but two officers in uniform killed recently, and the last one by three thugs who walked up and robbed and killed him in daylight when there was no mistaking the fact that he was in uniform.

Yes, this last killing is different. But I fear there'll be a lot more where that one came from.

I don't care what it takes -- Daley needs to find the money and hire the manpower needed to police our streets, not make a symbolic, but useless, gesture for the media.

I truly do fear for this city.

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