Leslie's Omnibus


Zonker has a little post about people who are uncomfortable with four letter words. I, on the other hand, stand in awe of people who reach new heights of inventiveness with their curses.

I had an email from Og*, who said:
"Lets see: cocksocket, fuckwicket, assnugget, assgasket, asshelmet,asstard, fucktard, fuckweasel, goat felcher, scrotumface, hemorrhoidlips are many of my favorite simple expletives.

"As far as articulated expletives (like pointy-headed fartknockers) I like micro-phallic hen teaser, cripple squicking greed merchant,ass-tacular failure vendor.

"Just to give you somewhere to begin."

Damn, Skippy! Why isn't this guy coming to Helen?

(And, BTW, I'm meeting him for coffee soon. I'll probably die of laughter, but I am more than willing to take the risk.)

*And if he's not on your blogroll, he should be. The man slays me.


Anonymous said...

I would like to point out, that in the presence of ladies, (in the actual presence, not email), I can be very restrained. I also restrain myself at home due to the presence of a 9 year old.

I have a 110 mile round trip commute daily, and it's through the most heavy construction ever known. THAT will teach you to swear.

Anonymous said...

Also: If you die of laughter, it will more than likely be due to my appearance. That is, if you can prevent yourself from vomiting.