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Brian has an interesting meme going. Okay. I'll play:

1. Ever read a blogger who really puts you off? You don't like their style, language, philosophies, or anything else about them. Do you read that person's blog anyway?

Yep. It's important to know what the arguments and issues are in order to be able to frame your own. One of my favorite examples is Oliver Willis.

2. What do you do with your unmatched socks? Don't tell me you don't have any.

Toss them, if they're dress socks. Or dust with them, if they're good, old-fashioned white cotton ones. And if my cats are lucky, I'll stuff the toe of one with catnip and tie a knot in it for a great cat toy.

3. Do women like it when a guy takes charge of a date, or do they like to be involved in the discussion about what to do that evening?

A little bit of both. Especially in the beginning of a relationship, it's really nice for the guy to take charge. You can quickly learn a lot about a guy and how he feels about you by the care he puts into planning a date, and the kinds of activities he chooses. As the relationship progresses, some input is nice. In fact, I don't have a problem with the girl planning and paying for an occasional date as a relationship matures.

4. Have you ever had a blog crush that went totally unrequited?

Nope. Lots of heroes. No crushes.

5. I'd never do it, but is it weird that I've fantasized about moving back to the New Orleans area? Something about the rebuilding/rebirth of an area is very appealing to me.

No. When a place is in your blood, it's in your blood. Whether or not you choose to turn that that fantasy into a reality is another matter. Then it's a matter of weighing the positives and the negatives and choosing the path that's right for you.

6. Is wrong for me to think that its disingenuous of a woman to say, "I just want to find a nice guy."? I've known women who say that all the time and use nice guys like human kleenexes.

Not any more than it's disingenuous for a man to say he loves women in one breath and treat them like dirt in the next, and that happens a lot, too. BUT... a good many women actually mean what they say, and so do a good many men. You know that old saw about kissing a lot of frogs??? I'm living proof that sometimes you really do get the Prince(ss).

7. Ever have the temptation to start your blog over and not tell so many real-world people about it?

No. I haven't shared it with that many of my acquaintances in the first place.

8. Is it strange that I've become LESS political as I've grown older?

Less political, or less able to define yourself as one party or another? Less interested in politics? Or are you less of a polarizing person?

9. Does anyone else make a right turn and then maneuver around, rather than waiting longer for a left turn?

Most definitely. Sometimes the shortest route can take the longest time. I like options. Lots of options.

10. Do you have any posts that have sat in draft forever and you can' t quite bring yourself to post them?

No. Either I post them or I delete them. Why waste time banging your head against a wall when there's so much more out there to write about?

11. Do you find it odd that some people at my job call me "coach", even though I haven't coached anything in years and haven't coached there? "Coach" is one of those enduring titles.

No. Sometimes nicknames are like cockleburrs -- they are amazing hard to shake off.

12. Do you find it strange that I sometimes sit in my driveway alone late at night and look at the stars? The world seems to make so much more sense out there during those times.

Why not? It's quiet. It's beautiful. No stress.

13. Have a blog you lurk regularly on? Why don't you comment?

I have a LOT of blogs that I read frequently, but rarely leave comments on -- especially since I started my own blog. I'd rather link and post to my own blog. Also, I've unfortunately found that it can be too easy to post a comment that you quickly regret... and not be able to go back and delete. Not a mistake I want to make again. I take a lot longer crafting my blog posts, so I know I've probably thought it out longer and better if I answer through my own blog, rather than comments.

14. Does it bother you when you comment repeatedly on someone's blog and they never comment on yours?

See 13 above. Nope. Their blog, their opinion. My blog, my opinion.

15. If work/kids were not a consideration, what kind of waking/sleeping hours would you have?

I probably wouldn't wake before noon, and wouldn't go to bed until 2 or 3 a.m.

16. Ever wonder why there are so many unhappy marriages out there?

Nope. It's too easy to get married and too easy to get divorced. There's a lot less social pressure to work to stay married. And we've become a society used to having just about everything be instantly available and totally disposable. I don't like it, but many people feel that way. Since when did the idea of a "starter marriage" become socially acceptable???

17. Do ever feel like you really struggle to be understood?

Occasionally. I only really worry about it when it directly affects my relationships with loved ones, friends or my employers. As someone who has struggled in the past with depression and still has a panic attack from time-to-time, I know that sometimes it's just plain impossible to put someone else in your shoes.

18. Do you ever think you would've been happier living at another time in history?

No. Amazing things have happened already in my lifetime, and I expect to see many more.

19. Do you think monogamy is natural for most people?

No. I think it's an active choice.

20. Is profanity a turn off for you?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Not at all. Just ask my buddy Og. Look. There's a time and a place for salty language. I'm not fond of it in business settings. And I don't like comedians who think they can't be funny except for inserting a hearty "fuck" between every other word in what would normally be a lousy joke. But vulgarities are almost becoming shock-free because they are so liberally larded through everyday speech. On the other hand, a really creative and well-placed epithet can be an absolute hoot.

Answer any or all of these if you will!


Anonymous said...

Indeed. As professor Henry Higgins so aptly pointed out, the difference between a lady and a guttersnipe is as often as not her language. In a business setting there is no place for the epithet. That's reserved for the %_)^&_)(^&*$)*(&^*$&*%%()%^^&$*&^^($(( chicago expressway system.

Politically Homeless said...

Excellent answers! I'm honored that you took the time to answer my questions!

Good point on the way men treat women. So true.

The political thing? I still care about issues but I'm less attached to parties and personalities.

I also kinda like the idea of dusting with my orphaned white socks.