Leslie's Omnibus

Prayer Warrior Alert

For the souls of these poor people, let us pray.

For Jim, Lair, Alex, and all the folks in my company's Houston and College Station offices, along with their families and beloved pets.

For New Orleans, which is flooding again.

For the grandson of my office manager, who was born quite premature and seems to be failing to thrive, and for his mother, who is frantic with fear.

For all of these and more, let us pray.


Omnibabe said...

Trust me, you do NOT want jury duty. I'm a former legal secretary, and was selected to sit on a jury in a traffic matter several years ago. It killed me that one of the prosecutors was very young and easily flustered. She'd question witness. Defense counsel would object. The judge would sustain and suggest that perhaps she'd want to rephrase the question. She'd fidget and think for a minute, then ask the exact same question. (Lather, rinse, repeat.) This happened over and over durnig a two-day trial. Every time it did, I wanted to raise my hand and offer to whisper the right question in her ear... because I KNEW what the judge was trying to help her to do. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we had another day of nothing but jury deliberations... and we hung. Mainly because one lone holdout couldn't distinguish between REASONABLE doubt and beyond a SHADOW of a doubt. (And, yes. I thought the sneaky little booger was guilty. The evidence proved he was guilty.)

One of the most frustrating experiences of a lifetime!

Anonymous said...