Leslie's Omnibus

Makin' A List...

I'm going home to pack:

This interesting instrument (check)

This fashion statement (check)

A little something for Key's B-Day (check)

Frango Mints (picking up on the way home)

Garrett's Chicago Style Popcorn (picking upon the way home)

And the Landscaper is arriving at the Kristy by Saturday morning. (You don't know who or what the Landscaper is??? Whatsamatta you?)

I think I'm ready for just about anything...

(See you Monday!)


Anonymous said...

... great finally meeting you.. and tell your beau that I didn't get around to killing that beastie...

SuperGurl said...

hah, miss bus driver, loved meeting you and mister bonsai was sweet to talk me through the nerve racking process of feeding those blodgers. very sweet, both of y'all..texas in april?

Anonymous said...

cowbell! I loved that, and the story of the meet up