Leslie's Omnibus


If only this were the only explanation for some of the things that pop out of the Princess Mom's mouth. Unfortunately, this tendency to say the first thing that comes to mind has been true for her entire life. Only now she has an excuse.

The Princess Mom tactful? Um, no.

Unless you think, "Oh! I see you have a new pimple on your nose," announced in the middle of a dinner at an elegant restaurant -- and while entertaining guests -- is tactful.

(A tip of the cap to Jeff Goldstein.)

On a much more highbrow note, a colleague of mine, Bruce Abramson, will be discussing his book Digital Phoenix on WILL-AM public radio's Focus 580 this Thursday (September 15th) at 11:30 a.m. The show will be streamcast. Go here for more information.

Update: The date is now up in the air, due to the Roberts hearings.

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